American Nursing Questions

1.How can planned staffing help healthcare facilities?
Over-staffing means wasted resources. You should consider reducing the level of full-time employees to the point where you can effectively service a 70% to 75% bed census, lowering FTE costs. American Nurses can provide the necessary additional staff required when the census exceeds this figure and results in significant savings for the healthcare facility.

2.What if the office of the facility has its own part-time staff?
If your institution maintains a PRN/Pool group, it can be expensive in terms of both time and money. Recruiting and retention can be a major problem and you will probably still face the need to make a large number of calls to fill a small number of shifts. By making one call to American Nurses, you give us the responsibility of filling those shifts.

3.How does American Nurses select its personnel?
American Nurses carefully screens and checks the references of each employee. Competency-based testing is done on basic skills and area of specialty.

4.If the healthcare facility / home care cannot find nursing staff, how can American Nurses do it?
There are many qualified persons who need a more flexible schedule to meet changing family and personal needs. American Nurses offers these persons the opportunity to work when and where the census exceeds this figure and results in a significant savings for the healthcare facility.

5.Will the healthcare facility be notified in advance as to who will be working?
Yes. A weekly schedule of all assignments and personnel for the coming week will be provided. Our office maintains 24/7 service i.  There will be a live on-call coordinator who answers the phone after hours live not an answering machine.

6.How does American Nurses assure quality on an ongoing basis?
American Nurses practices careful screening, orientation, supervision, yearly testing and evaluation, and strong communication.